Gourmet Lover Kit
Gourmet Lover Kit
Gourmet Lover Kit
Gourmet Lover Kit
Gourmet Lover Kit
Gourmet Lover Kit
Gourmet Lover Kit
Gourmet Lover Kit

Gourmet Lover Kit

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100% Food Grade Stainless Steel. Made for a clean and healthy kitchen, our meat Tenderizer won't collect odor or stains and is resistant to corrosion. It's easy-to-clean in the sink and is 100% dishwasher safe.Flatten & Tenderize: Use the smooth, flat side of the mallet to pound and flatten cutlets, or use the textured side to tenderize a variety of meats. Take your proteins to the next level!
Duarability: Solid meat hammer tenderizer head, the overall weight of 13.8 oz. engineered for evenly distributed strength on Tenderizing Meat!!! Balanced & Beautiful Patterned Design with great grip allows the mallet and gravity to do all the work in less time.
Versatile Kitchen Tool: Great for barbecue, steak, pork ribs, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, goose, duck. You can also crack walnut shells, crab claws, crush garlic, and breakdown ice, bread crumbs, candy, nuts and more.
Built to Last - 100% Stainless Steel (304) makes our kitchen hammer virtually unbreakable - or your money back! That's why every Gourmet Easy tenderizer comes with a 5 year unconditional warranty.

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Included in this bundle:


1 x Garlic Press

1 x Y Peeler

1 x I Peeler

1 x Kitchen Hammer


Stainless Steel - Rust proof, corrosion resistant, bacteria free, dishwasher safe.

Ergonomic - Designed to reduce fatigue.

Premium Quality - Made with premium food-grade Stainless Steel (304).


  • FDA Approved
  • 100% Gourmet Easy Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • 5 Year Warranty. If your product is faulty during the warranty period, contact us.

        Gourmet Lover Kit

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
John Hanna
High Quality, well designed tools

I bought this combo set primarily for the garlic crusher. It is by far the best design and quality I have come across in Australia. The top handle of the garlic press is polished aluminium, whereas the base is a flat finish. It can probably handle 1 really large clove and 1 medium/small per press. It does require some force, as can be expected for anything the 'crushes.' Be aware the crusher is the fine version only (not the combo as shown in the video/image as I thought it had the combo. For cleaning, a brush is probably needed to speed up the job. All in all, I bought it because I prefer something that will last me a long time and with this design, it is a two piece slot in from solid metal which ain't failing... it's over engineered. It doesn't need for any intermediate hinges, which is the key point of failure for 99% of all other competitor designs. I didn't see any side creep either with garlic coming out the sides, which is why will need more force to complete it, but that's because all the garlic is actually being crushed through the holes and that you won't waste garlic that didn't crush or need re-crushing.

The peelers were a welcome surprise for the good. They are super sharp and make our old peeler a throw away when you see how easy a good peeler makes the job. They again are solid machined aluminium, finished in the polished shiny version. We fancy the Y version, but the I version is quite ergonomic and will wrap around the curve of the vegetables, notably potatoes.

The meat hammer aka mallet is again finished in the polish effect, which kinda makes it sad to use as it looks amazing. The grooved handle is a nice touch and actually does make a difference to usage. Similarly the hammer end has a larger weight, making it top weighted, which again actually aids in hammering the food by adding extra force on the downward swing. You will notice the difference compared to any generic hammer instantly. Only potential let down I can see, is that being polished aluminium, it will scratch over time as aluminium is not a dense material. This goes for any utensil made of this material so it's not uncommon, just worth knowing. Also I'm pretty sure this isn't a completely solid interior and suspect the inside is partially hollow on the hammer end, which is probably how the top becomes heavier. In saying that I can't see it breaking as the thickness still seems more than adequate and will be a good thing for those picky on the weight and prefer light tools. It still weighs about the same as our other mallet.

I would purchase again and recommend to friends.


I love this set.Amazing!!
Great price and very sturdy! It is easy to use,easy to clean.

Good quality tool

This is a quality tool. The blade is super sharp and remain sharp. I noticed the skin that’s been peeled off was very thin. I love it that we can maximize the fruit / vegetables and minimize the waste.